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At Our Core

Vision Statement

To equip and inspire students to fulfill God's call and purpose for them, influencing the global community for Christ as they exemplify truth, pursue excellence, and embrace biblical diversity.

room 5LRUg3IwNpI unsplash
room 5LRUg3IwNpI unsplash

Mission Statement

ICS-Uijeongbu is a community of Students, Parents, and Christian Educators, working together as a NICS Network school, to instill in each student:

a Passion for TRUTH,

a Commitment to EXCELLENCE,

and an Appreciation for DIVERSITY


Core Values

ICS-Uijeongbu strives to reflect each of the following interrelated core values in every aspect of the school’s operation:

Community—God-honoring and transformational

Dignity—individual value and respect

Scholarship—academic achievement

Giftedness—unique talents and abilities

Leadership—influence and impact

Stewardship—responsible management

Service—compassion and outreach

Integrity—biblical wholeness and balance;being who you say you are

room 5LRUg3IwNpI unsplash


I. Challenging and encouraging students with an academic program thoroughly grounded in a moral, biblical worldview that prepares them well for the rigors of higher education and the demands of their chosen career.

II. Cultivating and strengthening a wide variety of student talents, gifts, and interests by creating opportunities in the following areas: Leadership – Service – Athletics – Fine Arts – Technology

III. Molding students to become principled, honorable, and biblical worldview thinkers –people of character – prepared to live life passionately and winsomely with truth, grace, and love

IV. Developing a caring, Christ-like community that integrates faith with everyday life and stirs up one another to love and good works.


Parent Involvement

The relationship between school and home is vital to the success of our students. Frequent, clear, professional, and honest communication between teachers and parents provides the strong support that children and teenagers need for their overall growth and development. This support is not just academic, but emotional, spiritual, and behavioral as well. For this reason, establishing strong, healthy bonds within our school community is a priority for us.

Presently, we do not have a formal parent-teacher organization, but we are taking steps to move in that direction. In the meantime, good communication is maintained through emails, calls, and newsletters that parents regularly receive from teachers. Additionally, parents receive a weekly communication from the director making them aware of current and upcoming school activities, events, and information.  All parents are also invited to a monthly meeting with the Director and other administrators at the Director’s Coffee Meeting where a variety of timely topics are discussed with a time for questions and discussion.  

Discipleship & Mentorship

The faculty and staff at ICSU are mission-minded and take the school’s vision, mission, and core values to heart. These foundational statements are more than just words. They drive our purpose, actions, and decisions on a daily basis. Because of that, teachers and staff at ICSU seek to accomplish several things in addition to providing an excellent academic education for your children.

  • Establish relationships with students based on love, dignity, and mutual respect
  • Treat students justly and fairly with understanding and compassion
  • Model a life for students that exemplifies a disciple and follower of Jesus Christ.
  • Relate to students in a way that supports and encourages them, speaking truth with love
  • Create a caring, Christ-like community that integrates faith with everyday life and stirs one another to love and good works

One of the primary distinctives of ICSU is the type of relationships that exist between teachers and students. Teachers are committed to discipling and mentoring students to help them develop character, confidence, and healthy spiritual lives. We want to feed positively into students’ lives both by word and example so that they can become the men and women that God created them to be.



The best way to experience what we have to offer at International Christian School Uijeongbu is to visit our campus and meet our spectacular staff, faculty, and students.  Schedule a tour at ICSU today!

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